Professional Teeth Whitening Fairfax VA | Burke Cosmetic Dentistry

No matter how careful we are in daily life, keeping track of what we eat and drink on a regular basis, our teeth can still discolor. There are so many things in your daily routine which can cause your teeth to discolor no matter how careful you are. Coffee, tea, wine, smoking, and certain foods will hurry along the yellowing that much faster. Luckily professional teeth whitening near Fairfax, VA can return your smile to its bright, white state.

Whitening your teeth is a great option to restoring your natural tooth color. In fact, your dentist can even give you a brighter smile than before by bringing you up another shade. Professional tooth whitening is accomplished by using a tray whitening system to give our patients the best results around. The process of whitening is completed in two easy steps. We first make an impression of your teeth in a tray which can be used again and again – which cuts down on time when you come for your next session.

Once the impression of your teeth is made, you will use whitening gel in the tray for a few days in order to get the maximum whitening results. Our professional teeth whitening in Burke, VA will make your teeth between 4-8 shades brighter by the end of the treatment.

This type of treatment is easily accessible for most patients so please call us today to learn more to see if it’s right for you.