Teeth Veneers Fairfax VA | Burke Cosmetic Dentistry

Putting your best foot forward often starts with your mouth. A big, bright smile can make you feel better about how you look and more bold in how you operate on a daily basis. One way to make sure your teeth look their best is by talking with your dentist about teeth veneers in Burke, VA.

Dental veneers are used for a variety of reasons. If over the years you have smoked and recently quit then having veneers can get rid of the buildup and discoloration which occurs on your teeth due to smoking. Stains from a root canal or other drugs such as tetracycline can discolor your teeth as well. Veneers can also help if your teeth are worn down or have gaps between them. Veneers are a wonderful way to make your smile stronger and brighter without major surgery.

Veneers are extremely thin, custom made units which are placed on the front of your teeth to change their look. Your dentist will meet with you on several occasions to discuss what the procedure will entail and how your mouth will look by the end of it. Before the veneer is actually placed, your dentist will take around ½ a millimeter of enamel from the front of your tooth. After this your dentist will make an impression in order to get the right mold for your tooth and ensure a perfect match. After the veneer is made then it will eventually be bonded to your tooth after a bit more work. Before the permanent bonding your dentist will likely touch it up and clip the veneer to make sure it is a perfect fit.

Veneers are a delicate process and take a steady hand. If you would like to know more about teeth veneers near Fairfax, VA then talk with your dentist to see if they are right for you.