Privacy Policy - Burke Cosmetic Dentistry

Burke Cosmetic Dentistry is focused on maintaining the privacy and protection of its users. Our Privacy Policy has been designed to help all users of this site understand how information is collected, what it is used for, and how we protect the information we receive. This allows users of this site to be informed on all aspects of using this Service.

Information we collect and use:

Cookies: The cookies we collect when you visit our company site are small pieces of text that your browser (Chrome, Mozilla, IE) collects from a variety of websites you visit. This text allows our website to remember you and any important information pertaining to your visit. Cookies can assist you by remembering your preferences when it comes to ad placements, site settings, and any safe search preferences you have in place.

Log Data: Our company collects Log Data during your visit to this website. Log data includes, but is not limited to items such as your browser type, cookie information, mobile carrier if you’re accessing via smartphone, the web page you were referred by, IP address, and location. Log Data may also be collected throughout your visit such as when you click links and visit third-party applications. This log data is used to continually update our services in order to best address the needs of our visitors.