Periodontal Disease Treatment, Gum Disease Treatment Fairfax VA | Burke Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the most prevalent issues you can have with your mouth is the sudden occurrence of periodontal disease. This issue is serious and if left untreated can cause extensive and unhealthy damage to your entire mouth –bone structure included. Periodontal disease treatment near Fairfax, VA is vital to keeping your mouth from developing this terrible disease.

Gum disease starts with plaque. Plaque is usually wiped out by having a good oral hygiene routine and making sure to keep our mouths nice and clean. This plaque, if left alone, slowly begins to harden on our teeth and eventually forms tartar. As more and more tarter begins to build up on your teeth, more bacteria makes it home in the soft tissue around your gums. This is why gum disease treatment in Burke, VA is so important to make sure the damage does not continue to spread. Once this bacteria continues to flourish the next stage of gum disease is referred to as Gingivitis. Eventually Gingivitis can become Periodontitis – a stage which destroys the tissue around your teeth.

One of the most obvious signs of gum disease is tooth loss. Bad breath and bleeding gums are also signs that something isn’t right. Gum disease treatment near Fairfax, VA can give you peace of mind knowing that your gum disease won’t continue to spread. Left untreated the disease can have a heavy toll. Research has now discovered a link between this issue and stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and the risk is increased in pregnant women.

Periodontal treatment in Burke, VA is advised as soon as possible. In past years painful dental surgery may have kept patients from seeking treatment. Advances in modern medicine have wiped those days away and safe, painless treatment is available.