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Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is an incredibly common affliction. The reasons for grinding your teeth are many. Sometimes foods and drinks you consume can cause the issue – caffeine and alcoholic drinks being a main culprit. Daily stress has also been known to cause teeth grinding. While some issues can be addressed such as cutting down on your caffeine consumption, stress isn’t such an easy thing to avoid. Grinding your teeth may seem like a harmless offence but the impact of bruxism is sorely felt. Luckily being fit for a dental night guard near Fairfax, VA is as simple as calling our office today to set up an appointment. Continued grinding can leave your mouth is rough shape.

For some, grinding your teeth is an old habit. Many do it during the day out of sheer routine. The more serious issue appears when you begin grinding your teeth at night. This grinding can be loud enough to wake a sleeping partner, damage the vital enamel, cause uncomfortable jaw pain, inflame and irritate your gums, and even slowly wear down your teeth after continued grinding. To alleviate the pain associated with grinding your teeth a dental night guard in Burke, VA can be crafted to give you relief.

A night guard is one of the best ways to prevent you from grinding your teeth at night. Similar to the guards worn by athletes during play, a mouth guard prevents teeth from meeting to allow you a barrier between them. To create your custom night guard a dentist takes an impression of your teeth and sends the mold off to a dental lab for construction. Training your jaw to remain unclenched during the day, avoiding the habit of chewing on pencils and pens, and cutting down on certain beverages can also assist in helping you overcome teeth grinding.