Inlays and Onlays Fairfax VA | Burke Cosmetic Dentistry
The terms inlay and onlay are popular in the world of dentistry. Most likely you know these terms by another – partial crowns. A partial crown is used when a tooth is still present, albeit damaged in some way. The inlays and onlays fit on the tooth to help strengthen, keep any further damage at bay, and restore your broken tooth or teeth back to their former shape. If you are looking for safe and effective inlays and onlays in Burke, VA then our office is more than happy to help.
Inlays and onlays serve a similar purpose to one another. They both function to restore a teeth back to its former functioning state. Though there are small differences between the two. When there is no damage to the cusps of your tooth then an inlay can simply be placed on the tooth without any issue. For teeth that have extensive damage to them, an onlay is ideal.
 A procedure involving inlays and onlays is common and fairly simple. During your initial visit a mold of the damaged tooth will be made to send to a dental lab. Since it takes several weeks to get the partial made, a temporary crown will be placed on the tooth to prevent further damage in the meantime. Curious as to what the mixture is? These molds are made from composite resin, porcelain, or even gold. Once the partial crown returns from the lab it will be set on the tooth with cement.
More information on inlays and onlays near Fairfax, VA can be found easily by calling our office and setting up an appointment. Our dentist can help decide which is appropriate for your damaged tooth, or if a different approach is needed.