Wisdom Teeth Extraction Fairfax VA | Burke Cosmetic Dentistry

Having a tooth pulled may be one of the more painful surgeries – especially your wisdom teeth. Patients with a need for wisdom teeth extraction near Fairfax, VA should contact our office to learn more about the procedure. As with other types of oral surgery, wisdom tooth extraction does require a more intensive process than services such a tooth whitening or bonding.

Anesthesia is used during the procedure, for example. Due to the anesthesia used during the procedure you will need to be driven home by a friend or family member. For a small amount of time after the procedure you will more than likely notice blood on your gauze. Once this gauze is soaked, make sure to change it. While it may be uncomfortable, changing the gauze prevents infection and keeps your mouth safe. Bleeding which occurs more than 24 hours after the procedure is a sign to call your dentist. When you are at home make sure to prop your pillow up. Pain medication will be prescribed so make sure to take it as directed.

Unfortunately you will also be limited to certain foods: Jell-O, pudding, yogurt, ice cream, thin soup, and a variety of other foods you can eat without needing to chew. Smoking and drinking through a straw is also off-limits during the healing process.

Having your wisdom teeth extracted can be painful but once the healing process begins it will be a relatively easy path to recovery as long as recommendations from your dentist are followed. Our office handles wisdom teeth extraction in Burke, VA and would love to help begin you on the process with more information about what to expect and how to prepare.