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Missing teeth are a major issue for thousands of people. It can cause damage to the rest of your mouth and cause you to become embarrassed with the state of your smile. Different dental procedures can have a profound impact on your smile and your teeth in general. One of the most common fixes for missing teeth is a pair of dentures. You may think that dentures are for senior citizens alone but dentures are used for a large range of ages. In current times finding affordable dentures in Fairfax, VA is easier than ever.

Dentures act as a removable pair of teeth. Receiving affordable dentures in Burke, VA can improve your quality of life greatly. If you have missing teeth as well as lost tissue surrounding it, dentures can come in particularly handy. Dentures are custom made so you know that you’re always getting the best fit for your mouth. Impressions are made of your jaw and measurements produced to make sure the space between your jaws are taken into account. Wax models are then presented for you to try on. This is the period in which your dentist will help make sure this mold is the perfect fit for you. Adjustments will be made, of course. The color of the teeth and the fit will be groomed over several times before a final cast is made for your mouth. Patients living near Fairfax, VA should call for a consultation.

There are two types of dentures for you to be made aware of – Complete and Partial dentures. If you live in Burke, VA, both can be found at an affordable rate. While most people know about Complete dentures, partial dentures are also an important set to be made aware of when it comes to which you will need. Complete dentures are often seen as the more traditional type. These dentures are used when all your teeth are missing and you need an entirely new set. Say you have been in an accident or a disease of some kind has left you without teeth. Complete dentures are made once all teeth are gone and your tissue has time to heal. In around 9-12 weeks your dentures will be ready for placement. Another classification of the Complete denture is an immediate denture. These dentures are often made in advance before the gum has time to heal and are placed as soon as your teeth are removed. Adjustments are often made for an Immediate denture due to the proclivity of gums and bone to shrink during healing.

Partial dentures are used when there are teeth still remaining in your mouth. They are used to fill a gap when a few teeth are missing and usually come attached to a pink plastic base which may hook to metal framework in order to remain stable. A precision partial denture is also a great way to give you a more natural appearance.

Questions about denture care and what a denture can do for you are usually numerous for a patient. Your dentist can help answer all the questions you may have and walk you through getting your new dentures so you know exactly what to expect.