Affordable Dental Implants Fairfax VA | Burke Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have missing or extracted teeth and are looking to return your smile to where it once was then affordable dental implants in Burke, VA are for you. Dental implants are completed when there is no longer a tooth there to build on. Alternatives, like bridges, may work for some, but dental implants are a great solution since no other teeth need to be altered before an implant is placed.

For those unsure of the process, an implant is actually performed over the course of a few months at most. A screw it placed in the jaw bone, then time is given for healing. Your next visit involves a cut being made in the gum so that an implant may be inserted. Patients with multiple missing or extracted teeth will be pleased to know that more than one implant can be placed at a time.

An implant does take time to heal. Most implants will take anywhere from 3-6 months to fully heal. With affordable dental implants near Fairfax, VA, getting back to eating and speaking normally is assisted with temporary crowns installed so you will have a more normal appearance until the healing process is complete.

After months of healing the final leg of an implant is the abutment. This abutment is the base of your new tooth and acts as the anchor. An impression of your abutment will be taken and a lab creates the restoration. Once complete, the implant is placed and your smile will look just as beautiful as it once did.