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Every king and queen deserves a crown, right? Making sure your mouth is beautiful and your teeth are bright sometimes require a little extra care. That’s why dental crowns are such a popular procedure. Patients looking for dental crowns near Fairfax, VA will be relived at the relative simplicity a crown procedure offers.

If you have never heard of a crown or had a procedure requiring you to have one placed then think of it just as you would a normal crown atop your head. A dental crown is a cap in the shape of your tooth and is put over it in order to restore the shape, strength, and the appearance. There are a huge variety of reasons why your dentist may recommend you getting a crown put over your tooth. Some of the most common reasons may also be some of the most obvious.

Have you ever broken a tooth trying to chew through a tough piece of meat? Maybe a car accident left you with a few chipped teeth that you’d love to have made whole again. That’s where a crown comes in. A crown covers your tooth and prevents any further damage, as well as gives you back the smile you once had. Children can also benefit from a crown if a tooth is too decayed to hold a filling successfully.

Chipping a tooth or having a decayed tooth is never good. These teeth can be ultra-sensitive and make it hard to eat cold or hot meals without feeling a major jolt of pain with each bite. A crown can alleviate some of this pain and help you get back to a normal routine. As with most dental procedures, the variety of crown materials is wide and stretching. These materials all have unique benefits and reviewing them with your dentist can give you a clearer picture.

Some of the most prominent materials for a crown include Stainless steel – which is often used on teeth as a temporary shield to protect a tooth while a permanent crown is being made. All-resin crowns can be made at a much lower price than other types but have a tendency to fracture and wear down quicker than some other materials. Porcelain crowns can also be a great option for your mouth. These dental crowns are perfect if you’re looking for a color match to the surrounding teeth.

If you are looking for dental crowns in Burke, VA then contact us today. A crown can help your mouth in a variety of ways and your dentist can assist you with learning more about the procedure and which crown is the right fit for you.