Crown Lengthening Surgery Fairfax VA | Burke Cosmetic Dentistry

Pulling a tooth is the last option for a dentist. When a patient has a cavity, we fill the hole instead of pulling the tooth. Unless the tooth is completely useless then we do everything possible to avoid needing to pull your teeth. When a tooth is so ravaged by a cavity that we have difficulty improving it, a procedure called crown lengthening is needed. Crown lengthening surgery in Fairfax, VA is an effective solution to saving your tooth.

When a tooth is decayed by a cavity to the point where filling is no longer an option, crown lengthening is the best bet. This procedure is a common surgical one and crown lengthening surgery in Burke, VA is performed often. In order to gain enough of the tooth in order to affix a crown, a dentist must lower the gum line partially. This gives enough space to affix a crown properly. When a tooth has actually been broken below the gum line, the crown lengthening exposes enough of the broken tooth to give a dentist enough room to work with.