Dental Bone Graft Fairfax VA | Burke Cosmetic Dentistry

When you consider just how many procedures there are when dealing with your mouth, it is truly astounding. Bone grafting is yet another procedure which is part of a larger plan of sorts. Bone grafting is used to build up the jawbone in order to accommodate a dental implant or some other type of restorative device used to restore your smile. Patients looking for more information on a dental bone graft near in Burke, VA are urged to call our office for a consultation on whether or not a bone graft is right for what you need.

This common procedure is used often in cases where implants or other periodontal procedures are being performed on the patient. The bone sample we use to build up the graft is taken from the actual patient. More often than not this sample is taken from another area of your mouth during the drilling process. Once drilling has been completed, the bone fragments are suctioned from your mouth and these pieces are what the graft is built from. On occasion cadaver bone fragments are also used if a dentist is unable to get the right bone needed. A dental bone graft near Fairfax, VA is always at the height of safety and any cadaver bones used are taken from a bone bank – an extremely safe source for donated bones.