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Brushing the Right Way

As a child you are taught a lot of things about your dental care. Your first visit to the dentist is usually one of the big milestones in your young life. You get a little toothbrush, some toothpaste, and advice on how to best care for your teeth. Parents teach their children the fine art of brushing even before they are likely to visit the dentist for the very first time. We’re taught how to brush our teeth before we even get our permanent teeth. All in all the very act of brushing your teeth is a lifelong action that people do all over the world on a daily basis. Brushing your teeth is always an important part of your oral health routine but making sure you brush the right way makes all the difference. While many adults have been taught that brushing is key, many are unaware that there is a right way to brush your teeth. Check out the tips below on how to brush your teeth the best way possible.

Pick the Right Brush

When you’re at the supermarket and you’ve forgotten to grab a toothbrush then you’re likely to dash back and just grab the first one you see, right? Every toothbrush is probably the same. As far as brushing goes this is far from the truth. Choosing the right tool for the job is all about making sure you’re brushing with that feels most comfortable to you. If your toothbrush has hard, stiff bristles then you’re more than likely not going to brush as long as necessary. Hard bristles can also cause damage to your gum line if they scrape against it too roughly during brushing your teeth. Go for soft bristled brushing to make brushing much easier and avoid the bad taste of blood in your mouth. An electric toothbrush is a great option for most people as well. It can be easier to get your mouth cleaner with an electric toothbrush, as well as less fatigue on your end. For seniors or those suffering from arthritis or joint pain, an electric toothbrush can be a great way to make sure you’re brushing the best way possible.

The Right Technique

Brushing your teeth comes natural to most people. Brushing the right way as instructed by your dentist usually does not. A cosmetic dentist such as Burke Cosmetic Dentistry can show you the right technique on brushing your teeth. The whole quick side-to-side brushing movement is not the best one for your mouth. It can irritate the gum line and cause bleeding to occur as well as bruising your gums. The best approach to brushing is by tilting your brush at a 45 degree angle and rolling the brush away from your gums as to not cause damage. While most adults have become accustomed to the side-to-side method, a better approach to brushing will give your gums a break. If you have found that your brushing routine is stale then another great tip is starting in a new area each time you brush. If you usually start on the right, try the left. Remember that brushing your tongue is also an important step to a clean mouth and fresh breath…just don’t brush too hard.

Brushing too Hard

This might seem like it only applies to small children but think again. Small children are more at risk for this, at least in the beginning. Consider just how exciting it was to get your first toothbrush. Maybe it was colorful or had a cool character on it. You couldn’t wait to brush and when you did – it was brushing to the max. Brushing your teeth too hard can have a damaging, long-lasting impression on your teeth. It can wear away at the enamel as well as cause damage to your gums and the overall structure of your teeth. Adults can be at fault for brushing too hard as well. It’s easy to forget how hard you are brushing your teeth when it’s an activity you do on a daily basis. Parents should always monitor a child’s brushing habits until a good routine is formed. For adults, reminding yourself of an easier brushing method will make sure your brushing routine is right where it should be.


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Tips on Keeping Your Teeth White

Statistics show that a smile can make or break you. It can make the best impression on meeting someone new, or break you when your teeth aren’t in the shape you would like. When you meet someone for the first time a broad, beautiful smile can put everyone at ease and make your face a memorable one. A white smile can boost your self-esteem and give you that extra courage needed to ace a job interview or take on a great new challenge in your life. With 2016 just getting started it might be time to make sure your smile is where you would like it to be. A new year means a new you and what better way to start the year off right than brightening your smile with a few useful tips to protect your teeth against becoming dull and yellowed? Check out some of our best tips below and, as always, for a healthy smile always remember to call Burke Cosmetic Dentistry.

Staining Your Teeth

Unfortunately the food world is not always kind to your teeth. There are a lot of tasty foods you deal with on a daily basis which might go towards staining your teeth over time. Avoiding foods that stain your teeth isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There are so many random foods which can stain your teeth over time which you may not be entirely aware of. Food and drink also fall under this category. On the drink side there is red wine, grape juice, coffee, tea, and sodas can bring your tooth color down several shades over time. In the food corner blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and a variety of other berries can impact your tooth color. A variety of sauces like tomato and soy can also have an impact on the color of your teeth. As far as drinks go the best way to prevent these liquids from staining your teeth is by drinking through a straw and swallowing quickly so as to not bathe your teeth. Limiting your consumption of staining drinks and foods as well as washing your mouth out with water immediately after finishing can help keep your teeth nice and shiny.

Home Kits

We spend millions of dollars each year to help make sure our teeth are bright and white. There are several options you can follow at home to help make sure your teeth stay brighter for longer. Whitening kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For a majority of people, whitening strips are the most popular option. These strips are flexible enough to use on the go and are gentle enough to not cause irritation. Strips are often used for a week or more and the results are quick to appear. After you finish a whitening routine with strips, the results typically last a little less than a year. Another great option is to purchase whitening trays. These trays are a little more difficult than the whitening strips but still work wonders to give you a brighter smile. The trays mold to your teeth, you insert a special gel, and wear the trays between 30-45 minutes at most. These whitening systems are designed to lift off stains from food or beverages. If you aren’t sure about whitening at home, or need a deeper clean than what these products afford, visiting a cosmetic dentist such as Burke Cosmetic Dentistry will give you the best cleaning to get your teeth white again.

Healthy Habits and Dentist Visits

While there are a lot of different methods and ideas for keeping your teeth white and mouth clean, there is one proven way that people can accomplish on a daily basis. Upholding a healthy oral hygiene routine is one solid way to keep your teeth from yellowing. Brushing at least twice a day, flossing, and rinsing with mouth wash can maintain your healthy smile against the harsh foods and drinks you consume on a daily basis. Food collects on and around you teeth which can expedite the staining. Regular brushing, rinsing when appropriate, and a healthy routine will definitely slow the staining of your teeth. The best option for keeping your teeth white and healthy is by making sure you visit your dentist when necessary. While a lot of the methods mentioned above are great for helping keep your teeth from discoloring, professional whitening goes far beyond what these treatments offer. Routine cleanings are also a great way to make sure your teeth and mouth stay healthy for years to come.


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Do’s and Don’ts of Dental Care

When it comes to health the only constant things you can count on is change. New reports flood in daily about what you should do, shouldn’t do, and why you should throw all of that out the window and start again with a completely new list. One minute something is in, the next it’s out. Scientists and researchers are constantly looking at the best practices for our health in relation to environment. Stepping back from the constant change of what is good and isn’t good for you can lead you back to the fundamentals. These are the basic things we all know are on the good list. Drinking water each day is good, exercise, eating healthy foods, and keeping our oral hygiene in check all rank high on the list of things we should be doing for the overall benefit of our health. Oral health is a tricky subject for some. The health of your mouth is taken for granted more often than not. For a refresher on the do’s and don’t’s of dental care, check out the list below.

Don’t Overdo Sweets

Moderation is the key to balance. It’s also the key to keeping your teeth healthy and not in danger of decay. A lot of people have a sweet tooth judging from the sheer amount of candy for sale in most grocery stores. Cutting candy and sweets out completely from your diet isn’t something most people can accomplish. So instead it falls into the moderation category. One of the worst things you can do for your oral health is indulging in large amounts of sweets – especially gummy candy which sticks to teeth long after it has already been swallowed. This residue is hard for your saliva to digest and can have a harsh impact on your teeth. When you eat candy, try to stick to candies which are cleared from your mouth fairly quickly. Sugar is the enemy of your teeth so try to monitor how much you consume and make an effort to rein your sweet tooth in.

Do Clean Your Entire Mouth

A shiny, beautiful smile is one of the first things you’ll notice when meeting someone for the first time. It’s what we think about when it comes to oral health. Keeping our teeth clean is at the top of the oral health checklist. But making sure your whole mouth is kept clean is just as important. Brushing several times a day is recommended for cutting down on any food or bacteria left in your mouth after a meal. While you’re brushing just remember that it’s only one part of the routine. Flossing, brushing your tongue, and using mouth wash should also be included in your nightly and morning routine. These extra steps will help you get rid of unwanted bacteria that brushing alone can’t contend with.

Don’t Eat Too Many Acidic Foods

This one might be a hard pill to swallow for some. A lot of the foods we eat on a daily basis could fall into the acidic category. One of the best foods for us, fruit, has a lot of members in the acidic family. Acid is hard on your teeth and can actually break down tooth enamel and weaken it over time. This often leads to tooth sensitivity that can make it difficult to enjoy the foods you once did. When you do eat acidic foods it is important to wash immediately after with either milk or water – just make sure not to brush for the next 30 minutes to let the enamel strengthen up again.

Do See Your Dentist

This is high on the do list. The key to a healthy mouth is not only the work you do, but also visiting your dentist regularly. You should have your teeth checked and cleaned every 6 months as part of a healthy dental routine. Between those times it is also important to keep a check on your mouth. If you are having discomfort in any way, notice dark spots, have a severe toothache, or any other oddities then visiting your dentist is always the best call. A cosmetic dentist such as Burke Cosmetic Dentistry can check over your teeth and mouth to make sure there aren’t any major issues. Having a healthy relationship with your dentist can give you peace of mind knowing that you have somewhere to turn when issues with your oral hygiene arise.


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Why Braces are Important

Braces are fairly common these days. From adults getting braces for the first time to correct oral health issues from their past to kids showing off their uniquely colored rubber bands – braces are everywhere. It’s easy to understand why braces are so popular in current times. Your mouth says a lot about you. A clean, white smile can be an immediate confidence booster and give you the courage you need to go for that big promotion or ask someone out on a date. Smiles are what attract us to other people. Braces are for more than just looks, of course. Braces can help realign your teeth and make it easier to chew, talk, and even rest comfortably. While information on braces is widely available, there are a few big reasons why braces are so important. Check out the list below and remember to talk with your dentist to learn more about whether or not braces are the right next step for you.

Straight Teeth Give Self-Esteem

Think about some of the best smiles you see. Their teeth are usually straight and white. Taking care of your teeth and keeping them clean is important for health and personal reasons. More often than not you aren’t actually born with perfectly straight teeth. Your mouth and teeth can grow in a variety of ways. There can end up being too many teeth in your mouth or teeth growing at odd angles. Living with misaligned teeth can have a serious impact on your health down the road as well as your self-esteem. Both adults and children need a healthy sense of self-esteem to go far in life. While braces are thought of most often for children, many adults find that braces are crucial later in life to give them a straight set of teeth they always wanted. Being proud of your smile can give anyone reason to feel a little lighter. Smiles are hugely important in society and having a bold, beautiful smile can open new doors. While braces can be expensive for some families, there are programs available in a lot of areas which will help offset the cost. Check with a cosmetic dentist such as Burke Cosmetic Dentistry to learn more.


If you’ve ever watched any videos on the computer then you may have come across ‘challenge’ shows. It’s where people compete to complete a task without having the use of a few fingers, an arm, or even their sight. You never realize just how important something is until it’s missing or you’re not able to use it properly. The same thing happens if your teeth aren’t working to their fullest potential. One reason that many people overlook when they are getting information on braces is the fact that it can completely change not only the cosmetic part but also your health. If your teeth are extremely misaligned then you might find that eating is a task sometimes. Chewing can be a major issue for a lot of people if your teeth aren’t in the best shape. Maintaining good oral hygiene can also be difficult when trying to reach between teeth with your toothbrush or floss. A major benefit of braces is giving back your oral health. Chewing, talking, and cleaning your teeth will become much easier after braces work their magic in realigning your teeth to where they should be.

Ease of Access

At one point in time the idea of getting braces was far-fetched. Braces were seen as a luxury item and the general public didn’t have access to care like this. Luckily in modern times braces are no longer a luxury and all classes can afford them with programs and services offering this care for a lower price. Aside from this there is also the fact that braces no longer come in the one-size-fits-all category. If you aren’t particularly fond of the metal look that traditional braces offer then know metal braces are no longer the only option. There are metal braces which are on the insides of your teeth so the brackets are hidden. Ceramic braces are also perfect for those unwilling to try for the metal look of traditional braces. Getting metal braces as an adult can sometimes be embarrassing. One of the easiest solutions to this is to go for invisible braces. An invisible brace is used like traditional braces and slowly moves your teeth over time. The best part being that invisible braces are, of course, invisible and hardly anyone will be able to tell you are even wearing them.


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Basic Dental Hygiene to Follow

Remember as a kid when you used to go to the dentist or your parents would teach you a lesson about proper brushing techniques? You learned how to brush your teeth with one of those big toothbrushes, later you learned flossing, and eventually mouthwash was the name of the game. Knowing the basics of dental hygiene is the foundation of having great teeth all your life. Building any good house always starts with having a solid foundation. If you weren’t always interested in keeping your mouth up or fell out of the habit of basic dental care then keep in mind that it’s never too late to learn the basics of dental hygiene. All you need are a few steps to get you there. If you’re concerned about the state of your dental hygiene then know you can always speak with a cosmetic dentist like Burke Cosmetic Dentistry to learn more about what you need to focus on.

Daily Flossing

As a kid you are taught that flossing is important to your daily oral health regimen. Your parents and dentist more than likely showed you how to floss the right way. Each night you brushed and flossed before going to bed. That was when you were a child. As an adult…flossing isn’t always something you remember to do. Your parents aren’t standing by the bathroom door asking you if you flossed. A dentist might hint that you need to floss more but they can’t follow you home to check on your flossing habits. It’s easy to forget about flossing as an adult. There are so many things in the day to remember and worry over that your nighttime routine might fall flat on particularly hectic days. The last thing you probably think of doing before bed is making sure you’ve flossed properly. Flossing is an important part of keeping your teeth and gums in great shape. Think of all the food that gets trapped and sinks down between your teeth over the course of the day. Flossing can help get rid of bits of food from around your teeth – which keeps your breath from starting to smell when those pieces of food are left. Keep floss in your bathroom next to your toothbrush to help make it easier to floss each night.

Brushing the Right Way

Like flossing, brushing your teeth is something you learn as a child. You may have learned little songs to hum while you brush or had different flavors of toothpaste to make it more fun. Learning to brush the right way is a major building block of development as you grow. As an adult it might be a little harder to remember exactly how long or how much you should be brushing your teeth. A quick swipe isn’t really enough to get rid of all the buildup on your teeth. For some, 30 seconds seems like enough to at least say that you have brushed your teeth. The fact is that 30 seconds definitely isn’t long enough. Many dentists agree that at least two minutes of brushing is necessary to make sure your mouth is getting the best care it can get. One minute on the top teeth and one minute on the lower teeth will aid in the removal of a lot of plaque sitting on the surface. What about the number of times you brush daily? Most dentists agree that at least twice each day is best. Once in the morning and once before you go to bed.

Take a Candy Break

If you have a sweet tooth then you are definitely not alone. The world is filled with amazing, tasty, and tempting sweets which make it especially hard to resist. Seeing a huge wedge of cake or a delicious bowl of candy ready for the taking is a hard thing to pass up. Eating candy isn’t a bad thing. As any dentist or healthcare provider will tell you, everything in moderation is the key to maintaining a healthy diet and a clean set of teeth. Having a few pieces of candy isn’t the end of the world. Having a whole bowl of candy, half a cake, and some ice cream probably isn’t going to do your mouth any favors. Take sweets in moderation to keep your teeth healthy. Chewy treats like taffy and caramel are harder on your teeth than something simple like cake or cookies. Foods that stick to your teeth or are difficult to brush out should be avoided altogether.


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Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

If you ask people what their biggest fears are then more than likely there will be at least one medically related item on the list. Visiting the doctor or dentist is a huge strain on a large number of people. Getting shots and work done is avoided for literally years if one can help it. The dentist is an especially hard pill to swallow for patients. Sometimes lack of insurance can scare you away from a visit but, for the most part, the idea of going in the first place is enough to send patients running in the opposite direction. Getting over this fear isn’t so easy. Your dentist can explain procedures over and over again and you will still find yourself in a panic. Getting over a fear takes time no matter what it is. Going to the dentist on a regular basis is important to keeping your mouth and teeth in great shape so avoiding the dentist may lead to issues down the road which might be harder to fix. Check out the tips below to learn some techniques which might help you overcome your fear of the dentist, or at least get you on the right track.

Self-Help Books

One way to start learning to overcome your fear of the dentist is by delving in to find a little help. Self-help books are widely available and cover everything from a fear of spiders to a fear of water. Finding a reliable book to help with your fear of the dentist is as easy as going to Amazon or eBay and browsing what they have to offer. The great thing about Amazon is the ability to read customer reviews and decide if this is the right book for you. Reading through self-help books can give you a great starting point in your journey. Usually these books start off slowly and offer specific methods for learning how to cope with your anxiety. Buying a variety of self-help books will give you a wide variety of options and methods for learning how best to proceed with overcoming your fear. With practice and use, a self-help book might be just the right thing to help you get past your fear of the dentist.

Watching Videos

A big reason why some people have major issues with going to the dentist is the simple fact of the unknown. A dentist can explain a procedure in detail and show you pictures so you fully understand what will happen during treatment. The downside of this is still being unaware of what it will all look like in action. That’s where the power of technology comes in. If you go online then you will more than likely find a variety of dental videos which may ease your anxiety. For some patients this is the best way to understand how a procedure will go. Seeing exactly what a dentist does and roughly how long it will last can give you a certain peace of mind knowing what exactly you should be expecting. The videos might not be for everyone and discretion is always advised before viewing a procedure. If you need to see exactly how a procedure goes and what it looks like then watching a clip of an actual dentist performing a root canal or a filled cavity can definitely help you feel more at ease when your time comes.

Visiting Your Dentist

Another great way to help overcome your fear of visiting the dentist is by actually going to the dentist. Going in for a consultation is a great firs step when it you feel confident enough to actually step through the doors of your local dentist’s office. A consultation is a chance for you to sit down and be honest with your dentist. There is a high chance that your dentist has had patients before with a fear of sitting in the chair. Talking any issues you may have over with your dentist can save you a huge amount of grief. Meeting and getting to know your dentist is also important to trusting them with any procedure you may need. Your dentist should be able to discuss with you how they operate, discuss the members of their staff, and share with you any information you need to feel comfortable. Dentists like Burke Cosmetic Dentistry are always willing to help you feel more comfortable with your visit.


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Choosing the Best Dentist for Your Needs

Think about the last time you bought a product that was similar to a brand you love. How did it hold up in comparison? Maybe if you bought some chips from another brand, they weren’t quite as crunchy as what you were used to. Those paper towels didn’t hold up against messes like your usual brand does. Even the medicine you used might not have seemed like it helped as good as if you had bought your normal brand. Finding the best brand for you covers a lot of things in life. Knowing you have found the right GP, the best mechanic in town, or the best dentist can feel like a huge weight off your shoulders. Not every dentist is alike. Some may have qualities you rank higher on your list. Many dentists excel at certain procedures you are in the market for. Your needs warrant you to find a particular dentist and that’s where the search may get a little hectic. Check out the tips below for finding the right dentist to meet all your needs.

Check Specialization

If you’ve watched television for any amount of time then you are bound to have seen a few local car commercials. It always seems like there is a King of Toyota or a Queen of Nissan. These dealerships boast their specific abilities to sell a brand of car. They more than likely know all about their specific brand of car and are willing to help you with any questions you may have about its background and ongoing deals. While many dentists aren’t proclaiming to be the king or queen of a certain type of procedure, some dentists are more experienced in one area. Each dentist might be fine at the basics of cleaning your teeth and the most common procedures. For something a little more intensive it might be smart to check around and see which dentist has the most experience in a certain procedure. If you need veneers or more technical dental work then never feel bad about asking questions to see how much experience each dentist has in a certain area.

Ask About Special Care

Most people avoid going to the dentist at all cost. Some have a strong fear of anything related to being in the presence of a doctor. While many can get over the fear by making themselves go at least a few times each year, thousands of people avoid the dentist and put off going in for a checkup for years. To overcome this fear it is important to make sure your dentist is aware of the issues you are having with even going in the first place. Getting a procedure done can scare even those who aren’t scared of the dentist. Many people now prefer medication of numbing, even gas, before a procedure is even attempted. Before making an appointment it is wise to narrow down which dentists provide medication, numbing, or gas to make your visit more comfortable. For anyone suffering with a fear of going to the dentist, making sure these needs are met can keep you from avoiding the dentist.

Insurance and Payment Plans

Sometimes avoiding the dentist isn’t done out of fear. If you have health insurance through the company you work for then keep in mind that dental isn’t always included. That means paying out of pocket for big procedures. This can quickly take a huge bite from your wallet and leave you trying to figure out how to pay for that care. Going to the dentist is always important. Making sure you can pay for the dentist may be more important. Check around online for local dentists in your area. If you have insurance then make sure they take what you do have. Not every dentist takes a wide variety of insurance companies so keep that in mind. If you don’t have dental insurance then find a dentist with a legitimate payment plan in place. This payment plan will help you make lower payments each month in order to get your bill paid over time. It makes it much easier for those without insurance to get the work they need now.


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What to Expect from Your Dentist

Taking for granted your teeth is an easy thing to do. We use our teeth so much that we forget about them – plain and simple. Our teeth help us to look our best, help us chew, and give us a sense of pride in keeping them sparkling white. The routine of going to the dentist time and time again might seem stressful for some people but going to the dentist is the best thing you can do to prevent your teeth and gums from going the wrong way in terms of health. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while then fear not. The routine of going to the dentist may become more familiar with each visit. Although some visits may vary, there are certain things to expect from your dentist with each trip. If you dentist doesn’t provide these services then you may want to begin the search for a new provider.

Comfortable Environment

Going to the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience for a lot of reasons. The reason for your visit may be mouth or tooth pain, a procedure may be slightly uncomfortable, or the fear of going to the dentist may be present. One thing which should never be uncomfortable is your dentist’s treatment of you. Like your GP, visiting the dentist’s office should be fairly pleasant aside from any procedure discomfort. Communicating your oral health issues should be simple and easily accomplished during the course of your visit. A proper dentist will make sure that you’re comfortable with everything he or she is doing. If your dentist isn’t able to accomplish any of the above then it may be time to find another care provider. A dentist should always make you feel comfortable, confident, and be able to explain everything you need to know about your visit and any accompanying procedures.

Thorough Advice

Visiting your dentist regularly is a great way to make sure you are taking care of your teeth the right way. From children to adults, learning the basics of dental care is hugely important to avoiding trouble with your teeth and gums in the future. One of the best things about visiting your dentist for a cleaning or a checkup is the ability to gather valuable advice on how you should be taking care of your teeth. Writing down a few questions before your visit is helpful. Your dentist is the best person to ask about any oral health issues on your mind. A good dentist is always happy to provide you with tips on products he or she would use, advice on how best to clean your teeth, and discuss the best way to resolve any pain you might have at the moment. Reliable advice should be expected from your dentist.

Enough Time

We all know the idea of waiting hours to see a doctor and only having five minutes of time with them. A busy practice may have the dentist running all over the place in order to see their patients on a given day. One thing to always remember is that your dentist should always make time to address any concerns you might have. A good dentist takes time out of their schedule to make sure all patients are treated with respect and given the best care possible. If you feel that your dentist doesn’t have time to sit and listen to any fears you have about a procedure or explain what will be done to solve any oral health issues then they might not be the dentist for you. Having a dentist sit and discuss their next steps with your care plan and give you the right advice for your mouth makes all the difference.


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Cosmetic Dentistry 101

Like many other sectors of healthcare and well-being services, dentists are also divided into various specialties. Just like there are heart surgeons, brain surgeons, and oncologists, there are also oral surgeons, orthodontists, and cosmetic dentists. Most people know that orthodontics deal with braces and aligning your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry may not be as well known – or at least the title isn’t. Cosmetic dentistry is most often what you go in for a checkup or to have your teeth whitened. If you haven’t heard the term Cosmetic Dentist before then fear not. While Cosmetic Dentistry has a lot of different parts to it, knowing what their job entails is easier than you might think. Below are some of the more popular things your Cosmetic Dentist can assist you with when it comes to needing work done on your teeth. As always, call any dentist before your visit and make sure they are able to perform certain procedures before your appointment.

Teeth Whitening

Getting your teeth whitened is, of course, at the top of the list. This is due to the fact that getting your teeth back to a pearly shade of white is one of the most popular procedures a Cosmetic Dentist might find themselves performing on a day-to-day basis. Take a hard look at television the next time you have a spare moment. Hollywood is filled with glitz and glamour…and also incredibly white teeth. Having a stunning smile is important to many people. While daily brushing and care makes all the difference in the world, for truly white teeth a whitening procedure from your local Cosmetic Dentist is what can truly turn you smile into something dazzling. While there are kits at home you can use your best and safest bet is always to consult with a dentist instead of using a kit. Your dentist can always give you professional results in a safe environment.

Dental Implants

Teeth loss is a common thing that isn’t talked about all that often. Your smile is sensitive subject and talking about its color or any missing or damaged teeth can make anyone feel insecure and unwilling to share their true smile with the world. Having missing teeth is often embarrassing and can sometimes be a painful problem. Contrary to popular belief, missing teeth isn’t just a problem for the elderly. Tooth loss can come in a huge variety of forms. Cosmetic Dentists often see much younger patients looking for dental implant procedures. Extreme cavities which require teeth to be pulled or accidents which result in tooth loss are major factors for those in need of dental implants. This procedure is often more popular than bridges since no other teeth need to be altered for a new tooth to be placed. If you are looking for a procedure which will give you confidence and help your smile return to normal then dental implants are a great way to go.


Most people have heard of veneers but may not exactly know what they are. Veneers are different than dental implants or partials and are used for different issues. Say you’re out to dinner with a friend or family members. You’re excited for your meal when it arrives and take a first, big bite of your food. You feel a crunch even though your food isn’t exactly crunchy. That’s when you realize that the crunchy part in your mouth is actually a piece of your tooth that has chipped off. So what do you do? The rest of your tooth is still intact and you would rather not have it pulled since the process is a lot more work. That’s where a veneer comes in. A veneer is used for a cracked tooth or when whitening doesn’t do its job. Consulting with your dentist will give you information on whether or not a veneer is the right call for you.


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Finding the Right Dentist for You

When it comes to finding reliable service for whatever you need it can be a huge struggle depending on the service you’re looking for. A large majority of people have trouble finding the right mechanic they can trust to get their car serviced. Finding assistance in the store can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Family doctors are notoriously hard to find and finally landing on the perfect doctor can be reason enough for a huge celebration on your part. The same goes for finding the right dentist for what you need as well as what you want. Finding a dentist is hard for a large number of people. Not only because you want to find a dentist you connect well with and trust, but also because people have a fear of going to the dentist in the first place. So if you don’t currently go to a dentist then how do you go about actually finding a dentist you trust to work on your teeth? Here are some tips to remember when looking for the right dentist able to meet your needs.

Be Patient

They say the best things come to those who wait. Being patient when looking for a good dentist is a great way to approach your search. There may be times when you have researched a dentist over and over again only to find out that their personality or abilities don’t quite match what you’re looking for. When this happens it can be easy to become discouraged on the hunt. No two dentists are the same when it comes to personality and abilities. It may take several different visits to a few dentists but once you find the right dentist for you it will definitely be worth the wait and stress it takes finding one you feel comfortable with. Remember that going to the dentist is for your benefit. Being patient when looking for a dentist who fits your needs is a great way to make sure you are getting what you want instead of just what you need.

Find the Right Fit

Caring for your mouth can be a tricky thing. There is so much that can go wrong and knowing how to prevent it all can be overwhelming. That’s where dentists come in. They have the ability to teach you how to care for your mouth correctly and fix any damage from the past. If you’re looking for a dentist that’s a great fit for you then find out exactly what services their practice offers. As mentioned before, there is a lot that can go wrong with your mouth. Some people come in with gum issues, a chipped tooth, numerous cavities, or in need of dental implants. This is where the research will always come in handy. Knowing exactly what your dentist offers will save you a huge amount of time and stress. Finding out your dentist doesn’t handle specific procedures can throw any patient for a loop. Getting comfortable with a dentist only to have them send you off to a specialist may prevent you from returning to the dentist period.

Get to Know Your Dentist

It might seem a little strange but getting to know your dentist during the first visit is extremely helpful in deciding whether or not you want to continue with your dentist. Doing a little digging is never a bad thing. Check out their website before your first visit. Most sites will have a small snippet of information on the dentist of your choice. Learning a little about their background can give you talking points in getting to know them. Being comfortable with your dentist goes a long way in building a solid relationship. During your initial visit, if you’re nervous, let your dentist know about your insecurities during the exam. Take a few minutes to talk about your dental needs and getting to know your dentist’s background and experience. Learning small details about your dentist and connecting with them can make a huge difference in how you feel and approach your next visit.



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